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RBC Centura Bank Groups and Teams Research Proposal

RBC Centura Bank Groups and Teams - Research Proposal Example task inside an association since inability to convey may recommend that the diverse authoritative controls are not appropriately positioned inside the associations which are permitting holes into the presentation of various people filling in as a group. Many exploration concentrates effectively showed that the holes in the exhibition of the groups to a great extent rely on the structure and setup of the group. (Stewart and Barrick, 2000). Structure and design of the groups in this manner show towards the various elements associated with the association just as arrangement of the groups and afterward changing over such groups into high performing groups. As such associations must consider various factors, for example, group administration, union, structure just as arrangement of the group to anticipate elite from the proposed groups. This paper will talk about regarding how a gathering can turn into a superior group other than examining the moral contemplations of globalization and its effects in the group elements by assessing RBC Centura Bank as a contextual analysis. Group elements require the compelling development of groups so as to extricate best execution nonetheless, before anticipating such elite, it is basic that all the elements of changing over a gathering of people into a superior group will be established. Group structure is characterized as the setup or allotment of the jobs, duties just as power inside the group. (Stewart and Barrick, 2000). Group structure is significant for removing elite in light of the fact that by giving reliance and self-rule to the groups, groups will in general perform better on the grounds that the two elements give an in-fabricated channel to successful correspondence and complaint taking care of other than acting naturally directed in their direction. In this way, so as to effective believer a gathering into a fruitful and elite group; it is important that the general structure of the group is shrewdly assembled with the goal that intelligibility and

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The Divine Comedy. The World Structure and The Role of Virgil Essay

The Divine Comedy. The World Structure and The Role of Virgil - Essay Example In this manner, there are at any rate 3 elements of Dante’s relationship with Ancient Greek and Roman culture: the poetical one, that is, the impact of the language and imagery of the past ages; the distinction in world request in Dante’s and exemplary thinkers’ dreams; and the most explicit one, Dante’s relationship with Virgil as delineated in the Divine Comedy. This article tends to every one of them 3. Poetical Aspect Many Dante researchers concur that the most significant social quality of Classical verse in the Divine Comedy is its style, that is, its stanza, logical topoi, severity of creation, and the attributes of type (Curtius 353-358). Virgil, just as different figures of antiquated scholars/rhapsodes, for example, Lucan and Homer, was the one of the â€Å"regulated poets† whose composing had an engraving of expound poetical frameworks (Curtius 354). Dante needed his stanza and his vision of life following death to be efficient and cohere nt. Dante’s organized of Inferno is significantly more intricate than Virgil’s: in the Aeneid (VI), Aeneus goes through just three areas of Hell, not formed as circles and encompassed by various bowls as opposed to parts of one framework (Virgil). In any case, the general structure is the equivalent: it is a distinct excursion with a ground-breaking guide (Sybil in Aeneus’s case) starting in obscurity wood and completion on the light peak: â€Å"And takes a rising ground, from thereupon to see/The long parade of his progeny† (Aeneid VI.1024). With respect to simply semantic impacts, Curtius finds various Latinisms in the Divine Comedy ,, for example, his utilization of the stream (‘Fuime’) picture used to show the expressiveness of Dante’s discourse as identified with Virgil’s (Curtius 356). The greater part of these Latinisms are Medieval, not identified with Renaissance poetics (Curtius 354). They demonstrate that Dante saw Vi rgil’s perspective for the most part through medieval viewpoint. In this manner, his thoughts of human instinct and the structure of the world are not the same as Virgil’s and a lot nearer to Christianity. The World Structure The importance of Hell is strikingly unique in the Divine Comedy and the Classic culture. Dante’s Hell and Purgatory are intended for delinquents, being something like a disciplinary spot for adulterated spirits; consequently, it has an exacting chain of importance, and each discipline is intelligently associated with the wrongdoing, similar to the Diviners in Canto XX who are compelled to stroll with their heads turned around. The disciplines are orchestrated by the seriousness of wrongdoing, dropping into the profundity and closure with the solidified hover, as in other medieval abstract depictions of Hell (Turner 87). As the principle capacity of Hell is discipline, the characters are depicted strikingly, in the tissue, and for the most part with some ethical appraisal: Those spirits, black out and exposed, shading chang'd, And gnash'd their teeth, soon as the unfeeling words They heard.  God and their folks they blasphem'd, The mankind, the spot, the time, and seed That engendered them and give them birth (Divine Comedy III.94-98) This is the portrayal of the spirits (free!) going to be shipped by Charon. In Virgil’s rendition, it is Charon who incites sicken; the spirits of the dead are portrayed in an unbiased if not humane way: A breezy group came hurrying where he stood, Which fill'd the edge of the lethal flood: Husbands and spouses, young men and unmarried house cleaners, And relentless legends' increasingly great shades, And adolescents, intomb'd before their dads' eyes, With empty moans, and yells, and weak cries (Aeneid VI.422-427). Virgil’s vision of existence in the wake of death, similar to that of numerous other Ancient Greeks and Romans, is ethically unbiased: it’s a destiny, a significant class of Ancient perspective. Like Ovid, Virgil accepted that passing is a

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Psychology Of The Internet Essays (1967 words) - Social Psychology

Brain science Of The Internet Rundown of the Book Today, the web is a developing network. A large number of individuals from everywhere throughout the world go on the web ordinarily to browse email, research, shop, or even simply interface with somebody most of the way around the globe. As this network develops, so does the quantity of communications between individuals. The Brain research of the Internet looks at the brain research of new conduct delivered by this novel strategy for human correspondence. It additionally dives into the business part of the web and how certain organizations are utilizing this medium to increment efficiency inside their organizations and enterprises. Examination of the Book The book gives a few instances of how the web can influence the nature of an association's creation. At the point when utilized in the suitable way, the web can encourage connection between a gathering 24 hours every day and is just constrained by the accessibility of a phone line. The possibility that an individual must be in work and at his work area for creation is getting increasingly outdated as organizations understand the capability of the web. One noteworthy way the web can help organizations is the workgroups that can be shaped universally. A workgroup is a gathering of representatives endeavoring to accomplish a similar goal. In the customary sense, these gatherings are framed in a live with scratch pads for each individual to assist them with conceptualizing and gatherings at normal interims until the venture is finished. The web upheaval is changing the entirety of that. The workgroups are no longer represented by the topographical situating of its individuals. I discovered this especially intriguing in light of the fact that having a boss in Manila, a Research and Development group in Cebu, and a business gathering in the United States is getting even more an achievable chance than at any other time previously. The web can likewise assist workers with conquering restraints that they may not have the option to face to face. This is expected, to some extent, to the measure of expressive gestures that are lost over a PC. In a talk room, for instance, the two representatives might think nothing about one another, other than the data they give about themselves. In this way, any kind of social generalizations (for example sexism, prejudice, dogmatism) is less pervasive than if seen in reality. In the event that the representatives have never met, social disturbances may not be as promptly activated than if face to face. For instance, in the event that I am bothered by an individual who falters when he talks, the odds that he will do as such over the web are generally low. This permits me to focus exclusively on the job that needs to be done and not be occupied by unimportant things. The book talks about how the web gatherings, in the nonattendance of expressive gestures and requests, needed to discover a gathering character on the web. In other words, the absence of expressive gestures likewise has its disadvantages. Regardless of whether the individuals from the workgroups yield individual data about themselves, for example, their race or on the other hand ethnicity, different individuals may have no physical reason for the association. So on the off chance that I needed to bond with a colleague who was a Filipino in California, I would almost certain do it face to face than on the web. This is because of the absence of human contact and the recognition that I am just associating with my PC and not a genuine individual. In light of this, workgroups must discover new bases for framing bunch rationality. The book talks about the concentrating of a few extraordinary worldwide workgroups. All were given similar goals to be finished in a given measure of time. In any case, just a couple of the gatherings finished the assignment while just one gathering did it in the designated measure of time. The investigation appeared that the gatherings that bombed needed predictable communication. After the underlying meeting, the individuals from the gathering didn't sign on consistently to banter with the gathering. Messages were traded irregularly among these gatherings also. The book states that the fundamental explanation these gatherings fizzled was that the collaboration, effectively diminished by the absence of human communication on the PC, was restricted to practically nothing. Then again, the gathering that fared the best was noted as having the most email cooperation and normal gathering gatherings. The individuals from the bunch likewise willingly volunteered to go past what was asked of them essentially since they felt an extraordinary obligation to the gathering in general. What caused this longing and attachment inside the gathering? As per the book, the gathering kept their own lives out of the web based visiting. In this manner, the individuals

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Use case (Research Paper) - 825 Words

Use case (Research Paper Sample) Content: Topic: Use CaseNameInstitutionQuestion 1The use case gives a description of how a customer of a given bank can use the ATM to make withdrawals from his or her bank account. In this case, there are two actors in the sector, that is, the bank and the customer. This leads to having some preconditions for the activity or transaction to take place. Firstly, the there is a connection to the bank that is active. In addition, the ATM should have cash loaded in it.There are different situations that may take place in the event of the transaction occurring. The process is systematic and logical. Failure to follow the steps will lead to unsuccessful; transactions in the end. The use case starts at the point when the customer of a given bank inserts their card into the ATM. There is the validation of the user is performed automatically by the ATM after this previous event. This leads to the machine giving a display of the various tasks that it can perform or offer at this point. Many a time, at this point customers do select the tab command button "withdraw cash." Then the ATM gives a prompt for an account from which the customer would like to make drawings (World Bank. 2010).ÂThe next stage requires the customer to select the correct account depending on the number and type of accounts owned. Then the ATM prompts for an amount the customer wishes to withdraw. After entering the amount, all the documents of the customer are sent to the bank in the form of a transaction. These documents include the PIN; card ID, amount that one wants to withdraw and the account from which the person is making the drawings. Then automatically, there is a response via the machine whether the transaction is successful or not. If it goes through, the card comes out and money dispensed. The aftermath of these events leads to printing of the receipts and the use case comes to successful completion.There are cases however when a transaction may become unsuccessful. This is poss ible depending on how the customer feeds figures and data into the machine, for instance, at the point of validation of user. If the validation fails, then the use case ends with a total failure status. If the customer enters the wrong account number, the ATM shall display a message indicating that the account entered is invalid. Then the use case can resume from a later stage when prompted to do so (World Bank. 2010).ÂInstances arise when the user accidentally enters the wrong withdrawal amount into the machine. This may be either too little amount that the machine cannot process since it is set to work in that like that, or too large figures. Such amounts make unsuccessful transactions for various reasons as read in the terms and conditions of the banking service providers. This includes for instance, amounts exceeding withdrawal limits required per transaction, or the daily withdrawal limits.. There may also exist a case in which the customerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s account has insuffici ent funds. All the cases outlined make the machine issue a warning message and indicate the amount one is capable of withdrawing. Therefore, the customer is goes a step backwards from where they can resume to complete the transaction (Bruegge, Dutoit, 2010).ÂThere are moments when the customer receives no response from the bank. In this case, the ATM will retry a number of times, even up to three times. If this continues and still the machine does not elicit any response, the machine may display a message indicating unavailability of network or failure. At this point, the ATM automatically returns the card and indicates closure for the moment. Therefore, the use case ends with a condition of failure (King, 2012).Illustrationlefttop1.0 Use case model1.2. Possible scenarios1.3 Cash withdrawal modelQuestion 2 .In this use case, during the use of the ATM to perform the transactions, one follows the similar steps followed in question 1. Therefore, the only things that change are the fact that it is cash depositing instead of making drawings. Therefore, a similar process is followed, but this time round, it involves changing the details to read deposit instead of withdraw.The cash deposits via the ATM are possible only if the account to which the deposit is occurring has a link to the card. Cash or a cheque in an envelope is efficient while carrying out the transaction. The customer enters the amount of deposit into the ATM. The money is always subject to verification by an operator before approval by a physical operator. Therefore, the envelope is only acceptable after approval form the bank. In order to carry out this transaction, one has to follow several different steps.To begin with, the user inserts the card into the ATM. Then one enters the personal identification number. From the transactions menu, one chooses deposit and selects amount and the form of money. Either the form can be in cash or cheque depending on which suits the user. After that, the sea led money placed in an envelope and inserted into the machine. There are options a person can choose from, depending on whether one is depositing though cash or cheque into the machine (Bruegge, Dutoit, 2010).ÂBy the end of the exercise, the customer waits and receives the printed transaction ID on the envelope. This directs the user to send a deferred transaction and then prints the receipt. This receipt is a record that one can use as a proof of transaction. Thereafter, the user ejects the card and leaves the premises or bank. The following day, operators of the bank open the security box and count the money in the envelope. The commitment of the transactions follows this aspect (Bruegge, Dutoit, 2010).ÂWhenever wrong information or details input into the ATM, the transactions take a different course, and in any case, they may become unsuccessful. This applies when a person inputs the wrong PIN. Other instances that may terminate the transaction include when a person doe s not insert the envelope or inserts two or more envelopes in the machine. In addition, the transaction may fail if no money is in the envelope even when there is too much money in the envelope. The exception of the envelope missing is also a guarantee to having an incomplete transaction (King, 2012).Question 3Just like the other user cases, the process of making an account transfer follows some steps. However, for the transactions to work, the card a person is transferring to must have a link with the one that he is using. The customer inserts the debit or credit card into the ATM and enters the pin. One then selects the amount o...

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Nathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown - 869 Words

In the short story â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† by Nathaniel Hawthorne, themes of innocence, morality, and human nature are explored through the experience Young Goodman Brown has with his encounter with the devil. Hawthorne delves into the subject of the perception of morality and religious thinking based on the perception of others. The symbolism enhances the exploration of human nature and the assumed innocence of people, Godly societies, and the presence of evil. In this short story, the people of the community are seen as holy and pure, but they are not what they seem to be, at least in the mind of Young Goodman Brown. His perception, whether real or imaginary, shed light on his own unawareness when it comes to the people of his community, his wife, and even himself. The story starts out with Young Goodman Brown, a newlywed who belongs to the Puritan society, but leaves his wife for a night to meet with a seemingly ordinary man who is representative of the devil. Although Young Goodman Brown has his reservations and doubts about meeting the man and leaving his wife, he ultimately chooses to follow through with the experience and it has everlasting consequences. This plot sets the ominous tone of the story, by creating an uncomfortable situation for anyone who considers themselves and the people around them to be good people. The forest setting and time period of religious Puritan reform in America, along with the Salem witch trials, contribute to the dark, sinister mood ofShow MoreRelatedNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown1543 Words   |  7 PagesIn Nathaniel Hawthorne s short story of Young Goodman Brown, the author uses symbolism and allegories in order to showcase the Puritan faith as well as man s conflict between good and evil. This analysis will break down the techniques that the author uses to critique the puritan society and to show the difference between how people appear to be in society and the true colors that they are hidden inside of them. There has been a lot of great authors in our time, but none more interesting thanRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown1065 Words   |  5 PagesWhen it comes to the topic of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown, most of us will readily agree that duplicity is a major theme in the piece, or the idea of different versions of reality. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether Hawthorne is implying that man is inherently evil. Whereas some are convinced that Young Goodman Brown was good until tainted by the Devil, others maintain that he was evil from the beginning and was completely aware of the evil heRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown905 Words   |  4 PagesThough Nathaniel Hawthorne is an author of many great works, his short story â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† still stays relevant because it has themes and subjects that are relatable in today s world. In the story â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† Good man Brown leaves his wife Faith, to go into the woods near Salem to have a meeting with the devil. Appearance vs. reality is shown in â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† through the plot, the character of Goody Cloyse, and the symbol of the maple staff. The characterRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown1312 Words   |  6 PagesWithin Nathaniel Hawthorne s short story Young Goodman Brown (p.317), Young Goodman Brown travels through a dark and mysterious forest late at night. Ignoring the pleas of his pure wife Faith, he ventures deep into the woods with many dangers around him, only to emerge in the morning a changed man with bewildered views on his own Puritan life and the Puritan community around him. At the cause for this change in mindset, the dream of an old man symbolizing the devil appears, showing him the communityRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown Essay1274 Words   |  6 PagesIn Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† the devil says, â€Å"Evil is the nature of mankind† (â€Å"Young† 627). Since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and attempted to hide conceal their sin from God, humans have tried to hide their sin from others. Although ever yone sin is human nature, everyone has a different reaction to sin. While some acknowledge sin, others ignore it. In Hawthorne’s other short story, â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† Father Hooper wears a black veil to represent the sin heRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown Essay1449 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Young Goodman Brown† is a short story that is filled with symbols and mystery. Nathaniel Hawthorne provides plenty forms of symbolism for readers to digest. Hawthorne displays strong faith as the greatest virtue for a man or woman, and when the faith is compromised, one can be filled with skepticism and uncertainty towards the rest of the world. The story begins as a conventional allegory, creating the expectation that the characters will be able to consistently display the abstractions they symbolizeRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown1695 Words   |  7 Pagesstory, Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne is set in Puritan New England. Hawthorne uses symbolism, description, scenery, and Goodman’s journey to illustrate and symbolize the battle of good versus evil. In the first scene, we see how Young Goodman Brown leaves his wife, Faith, to start on his â€Å"evil† journey through the woods. Though Faith asks him to stay with her, he chooses to continue on even though he knows the evilness lies ahead. As the story continues, we see how Hawthorne uses FaithRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown1492 Words   |  6 PagesIn Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story of Young Goodman Brown, the author uses symbolism and allegories in order to showcase the Puritan faith as well as man’s conflict between good and evil. This analysis will breakdown the techniques that the author uses to critique the puritan society, and to show the difference between how people appear to be in society and the true colors that they are hidden inside of them. There has been a lot of great authors in our time, but none more interesting than NathanielRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown2532 Words   |  11 PagesNathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† demonstrates how Goodman Brown leaves his wife, Faith, to do an errand within the woods with a man that is believed to be the devil. During the time period in which this took place, the 1620’s, many of the people from the village were practicing Puritanism. Puritanism is an intense practice of religion retrieved from Protestants, only removing its Catholic influence. When Goodman Brown entered the woods to meet the devil, he soon turned intoRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown894 Words   |  4 Pagesread. In â€Å"Young Goodman Brown†, I found several romanticism characteristics to be in this story. One being, the emphasis on feelings and emotions. Nathaniel Hawthorne writes, â€Å"The cry of grief, rage, and terror was yet piercing through the night, when the unhappy husband held his breath for a response.† The cry of anguish and pain are very applicable to the protagonist idea in this story. Brown also expresses feeling when he doesn t want to leave his wife Faith, but he feels that it s his role to

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Medical Assistant - 1390 Words

After a careful reading, Health Status Outcome (HSO) studies are focused on the ending result or outcome of medical care given, taking into account the health care process, and well being of patients and the population. Ultimately, these studies are looking at the health status of the patient and are related to diagnosis. For example, lab test results, complication rates, morbidity rates, functional status, well being, and satisfaction with care given are health status outcomes. Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) are subjective reports generated from the patient either through diaries, self-completed questionnaires, or interviews regarding their treatment. PRO helps with research to evaluate patient’s perception, symptoms, satisfaction†¦show more content†¦Many patients on questions answers with low scores, which is perceived as out of control, but when asked they do not feel they have poor health status outcome and physically functional well. Myself, being diagnosed with Asthma at a late age a disease of remission and exacerbations is a constant battle. My health status is poor and unstable because the disease flares up most days of my life and it is physically draining. My PRO in relationship to Asthma Control Test Scores is measured by the self-completed questionnaires. I feel that my health status outcome affects both and it affects my functions of life and satisfaction with quality of life because of the constant flare-ups. Research is taken from the Asthma Control Test Scores from patients reported outcome scores including ages 4-11 and 12 and above, from any given score 19 or less is related to poor asthma control. I would differ in the diagnosis of hypertension; I have a much more positive outlook on life and report a better outcome as long as I take my recommended regimen. Research has also been researched in women that had breast cancer that complained of breast pain after surgery. Reported breast pain elicited impacted there hea lth status and quality of life (Burchardt amp; Jones, 2005). Currently, asthma is a disorder that is prevalent in my day-to-day practice and is currently the subject of a growing body of research. Many patients within my rural area practice areShow MoreRelatedMedical Assistant777 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Five Keys to Professionalism as an Medical Assistant.† Why Be a Professional in Medical Assistant ? A Medical Assistant (MA) is an integral member of the health care delivery team, qualified by education and experience to work in the administrative office, the examining room and the physician office laboratory. The Medical Assistant, also a liaison between the doctor and the patient, is of vital importance to the success of the medical practice. When you are a Professional in MA youRead MoreMedical Assistant Essay908 Words   |  4 PagesCertification requirements for Medical Assistant State, Federal and professional licensure and certification requirements â€Å"A medical assistant is expected to be an expert in both medical and administrative tasks. Being an assistant, he/she is expected to help the doctors in their daily activities regarding treating patients. A medical assistant (MA) is responsible for the smooth functioning of the employing facility. He can work in a doctors office or in private or government medical health care centersRead MoreWho Is A Medical Assistant?2036 Words   |  9 PagesJourney to Medical Assisting When I was in high school, my great-grandmother became ill and came to live with us. Before school, after school, and during the weekend, I helped take care of her. This gave me a sense of pride and during that time, I realized how fulfilling it is to help people. I did not start out on the path to be a part of the medical profession, but I always had the desire! I have often given of my time volunteering at the Agape Senior Care facility. Now I am well on my way to becomingRead MoreA Career as a Medical Assistant Essay602 Words   |  3 Pages My chosen degree program is Associates of Applied Science in Medical Assisting at Kaplan University. I am currently a online student. I have been doing some research of my program and I have came up with a lot of very interesting facts. First the median salary for a Medical Assistant is $28,860 per year that is about $13.87 a hour, that was in May 2010. There could be opportunities it maybe higher, For example, the experience you may have, o r the facility you are working in, and even the levelRead MoreMedical Assistant Ethics Essay1145 Words   |  5 PagesThere are numerous ethical issues that a medical assistant may encounter in a daily office or hospital setting. It is unethical to have a conversation with a fellow coworker regarding a patient. The patient may overhear or worse they may be related to someone in the office. It is no one’s business as to why the patient had an appointment. Another unethical behavior that is unacceptable is foul language in front of the patients. They do not need to hear that kind of language under any circumstancesRead MoreMedical Assistant Narrative Essay1146 Words   |  5 PagesA Narrative Essay in Medical Assistant The first section of the following essay will explain the communication skills such as having a great attitude, being able to understand the patient and physician; and also how to relate what the doctor has diagnose to the patient will help me become a great medical assistant. The next section will explain why conflict resolution is important in my career field. The last section will describe a conflict and how I resolved it; and also how I would changeRead MoreAmerican Association of Medical Assistants3504 Words   |  15 PagesAmerican Association of Medical Assistants 1959 Mission Statement The mission of the American Association of Medical Assistants is to enable medical assisting professionals to enhance and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and professionalism required by employers and patients; protect medical assistants’ right to practice; and promote effective, efficient health care delivery through optimal use of the multiskilled CMA (AAMA). AAMA was incorporated in the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit professionalRead MoreDifferent Jobs A Medical Assistant928 Words   |  4 PagesThere are three different jobs a medical assistant may choose from. They are: Administrative Medical Assistant, Specialized Medical Assistant, and Clinical Medical Assistant. An Administrative Medical Assistant is medical assistants who mostly perform administrative tasks such as assisting patients with filling out insurance forms, managing patient records, making appointments, answering phones, maintaining the front desk and reception areas, and performing general accounti ng and billing. When itRead MoreEssay on Medical Assistant is a Rewarding Career653 Words   |  3 PagesMedical Assistant Being a medical assistant can be a satisfying career choice for those who take pleasure in helping others, have superior communication skills, and are able to multitask. Medical assistants are constantly on the look out to help patients and health professionals. Affection and compassion are personality traits for a career as a medical assistant. Being a medical assistant is a phenomenal career and a rewarding one too. Medical assistants lend a helping hand to a ton of peopleRead MoreMedical Administrative Assistant Field1628 Words   |  7 PagesMedical Administrative Assistant Field In the field of Medical Administrative Assistant, there is a multitude of career choices to branch off into. Of these many fields, the three that I choose to discuss are Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Medical Assistant. All three careers are of high demand in the medical industry and each requires the need of basic classes, with a couple of varied courses, depending on the field. Basic requirements for all include a high school diploma or GED. Most

Public Corruption free essay sample

PUBLIC CORRUPTION Kelly Monks Anthony F. Scarpelli CJ-305-02 Applied Criminal Justice Ethics Unit 2 Critical Analysis Essay May 1, 2011 PUBLIC CORRUPTION Public corruption involves a breach of public trust and/or abuse of position by federal, state, or local officials and their private sector accomplices. By broad definition, a government official, whether elected, appointed or hired, may violate federal law when he/she asks for, demands, solicits, accepts, or agrees to receive anything of value in return for being influenced in their performance of their official duties( Myint, 2006). The majority of public corruption cases fall into one of five categories: legislative, judicial, regulatory, contractual, and law enforcement. Legislative corruption and judicial corruption deals with influence of legislators and judges. Regulatory corruption deals with government investigators, such as those looking into the corporate scandals of the past few years. Contractual corruption is illegal forms of persuasion connected to the distribution of government contracts. Law enforcement corruption refers to any improper attempt to sway officers of the law. Examples of corrupt behavior would include: bribery, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, nepotism, cronyism, appropriation of public assets and property for private use, and influence peddling. Corrupt behavior activities such as fraud and embezzlement can be undertaken by an official alone and without involvement of a second party. While others such as bribery, extortion and influence peddling involve two parties, the giver and taker in a corrupt deal. Corruption is a Western concept and is not applicable to traditional societies, where corruption does not have such a negative meaning. Many traditional societies with a â€Å"gift culture† have a different understanding of civil responsibilities and etiquette. The social structure and political traditions of many countries are based on the beneficial exchange of rewards for services rendered, and cannot survive in its absence. †(idebate. o rg). Do you agree with any part of this claim? If so which parts? If not, why not? I agree with this claim because public corruption is generally viewed as an obstacle in the development of a country. Many governments, international organizations and aid agencies have special agendas and rules and regulations that are enacted to fight the problem. In countries with very high levels of corruption is it very pervasive, it has to have some beneficial rewards. While definitely not something to be proud of, public corruption can be seen as an unavoidable side effect of development. Corruption reduces bureaucracy and speeds the implementation of administrative practices governing economic forces of the market. Corrupt public officials sometimes acquire incentives to help create a developmental friendly system for the economy. Corruption often starts a chain that can benefit all the economic players that are involved in the game, making sure that the over regulated and obstructive bureaucracies are much more efficient. In many countries corruption can be seen as a natural response to shortages. Often in developing countries the demand for a service such as access to the courts, education, healthcare, and the attention of civil servants and politicians far outweighs the ability of public officials to cope with the increased demands. To prevent the system from coming to a complete stop, a way to ration has to be found and corruption provides a way to decrease the demands on the system. It places a price on a service and enables officials to prioritize and go forward to deal with all the demands that have been placed on their time and resources. What do the readings say on the topic of corruption as cultural tradition? What counter- arguments do they make to the above assertion? Corruption is very bad for democracy as it can lead to the downfall of the state by special interests. In a corrupt societies free and fair election results count for little. Once in power a lot of politicians in members of the parties are likely to concentrate on enriching themselves by taking money from individuals and companies in order to promote their own interests rather than those of their voters or the country as a whole. Sometimes politicians can be bought outright, they can often be persuaded to change their political party for a very large financial reward. To avoid having to be accountable to the members of the electorate, corrupt politicians have an many different incentives they can use to corrupt the elections, such as bribing the electorate with their own money and plotting to make the electoral process unfair for the voters. This very unjustly, and it creates a contempt for democracy and makes coups and other forms of dictatorship more attractive to many people which can lead to people loosing faith in their government. This can economically disastrous because it gives those in power the incentive and ability to continually create new laws and regulations as they choose to, which they can then exploit in order to extract bribes. How could gift-giving traditions be used by unscrupulous officials as a way to take advantage of people in the name of tradition? There is a lot of pressure on companies to bribe government officials in third world countries. Bribery of government officials also takes place in the United States, it is very rare and when found they are severely punished. Bribery happens with greater frequency in third world countries, there is always a feeling present that it is a very normal practice to bribe government officials. Bribery is defined as â€Å"the condition in which a person, such as a government official, agrees to be paid to act as dictated by an interested party, rather than doing what is required of him in his official employment. What is central to the notion of a bribe is that an agreement is made, even if the act itself is never performed and the payment is never madeâ€Å"(Lawyershop. com). The person being bribed has implicitly agreed to abide by the rules of his government, organization, or legal system. There is a difference between bribery and extortion, which is where an official requires payment to perform his otherwise normal duties. There is a difference between bribery and gift giving, which includes neither implicit nor explicit agreements, even if the giver intends the gift as a payment for the official to perform sort of special duty for the gift giver. An official may accept a gift innocently, and friendships can be formed that may involve the exchanging gifts. Gift giving in foreign countries is sometimes often part of a needed business ceremony. The receiver of a gift needs to be confident that he remains impartial in conducting his official duties to make sure that no wrong doing can be seen. In some particular occupations, such as law enforcement, and governmental positions they have established codes that forbid gifts since the receiver can risk losing impartiality through gift giving. Corruption is now recognized to be one of the worlds greatest challenges. It is a major hindrance to sustainable development, with an impact on poor communities and is very corrosive on the very fabric that makes up our society. The impact that corruption has on the private sector is also considerable it impedes economic growth, distorts competition and represents serious legal and reputational risks for those who participative. Corruption can be very costly for businesses, with the extra financial burden estimated to add 10% or more to the costs of doing business in many parts of the world. The World Bank has stated that bribery has become a $1 trillion industry. Corruption as we all know it is inherently wrong. It is a total misuse of power and position and it can have a disproportionate impact on the poor and disadvantaged countries . It undermines the integrity of all involved and damages the fabric of the organizations to which they belong. The reality that laws making corrupt practices criminal may not always be enforced is no justification for accepting corrupt practices. To fight corruption in all its forms is simply the right thing to do. WORKS CITED 1. Benefits of Corruption. International Debate Education Association. (2006). Retrieved on May 1, 2011 from http://www. idebate. org/debatabase/topic_details. php? topicID=507. 2. Bribery. Lawyershop. com. 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